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KNC Food Pantry

The Second Bite Program

KNC Food Pantry exists to provide access to fresh, nutritious food for people in need.

We do this by stopping good food from going to waste. We rescue edible, nutritious food that was heading for landfill and give it to people in need. For us, it’s simple: if it’s good enough to eat, it shouldn’t go to waste.

In Australia, we throw away an unbelievable amount of perfectly edible food every day.

At the same time, a growing number of Australians find themselves struggling to make ends meet – two million Australians find themselves unable to afford enough food to feed themselves or their families. The reasons behind this are complicated, but the bottom line isn’t – in short: we throw good food away while people go hungry. That doesn’t make sense.

SecondBite redistributes surplus fresh food to community food programs around Australia. Food is donated by farmers, wholesalers, markets, supermarkets, caterers and events. This high-quality surplus food is redistributed to community food programs that support people in need  from all walks of life.

Thanks to Coles and Fresca Fruit Kincumber!

If you are a business that would like to donate to the program we would love to here from you!


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If you have registered interest you can Message us on Facebook or Ring and leave a Message for Leanne on
4363 1044!


4 Values Project

Our key values are to: Connect Create Learn and Support

Over the past few years we have been working on our core purpose and through this process we have clarified that our core values are Connect, Create, Learn and Support.  How we do this is through:

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Community Eco Garden

Have or share a plot at the local community garden and work together to grow our garden and community as one. Grow your own vegetables, herbs, fruit, flowers and share ideas with others involved.  Come along and participate in our organic training and learn how to grow organic vegetables.  Build community spirit with others who want to practice fresh gardening ideas. Come along to our regular social gatherings to support the garden and share ideas.

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Community Drug Action Team (CDAT)

Community Drug Action Team is a group of residents and services working in the area who have identified anti-social behaviour as a result of alcohol and drug use as being a major factor within this region. The CDAT are dedicated to investigating these issues and to look at ways to prevent it happening. One of the ways in which CDAT are promoting the prevention of these issues has been by staging and running community led events and activities.
Any positive feedback and creative ideas are welcomed at the meetings and together we can lobby for resources to help decrease the number of anti-social issues happening on our streets.

For more information contact: Leanne Clarke 4363 1044

Brekky Club

We provide Free Breakfast for high school students from any high school.

When: Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of the school term.

Time: 7.30 to 8.30 am 
Youth Brekky Club is a Kincumber Neighbourhood Centre program. We are not funded for this program and rely on generous donations to keep this program running. Bendigo Bank Kincumber has been kindly donating to Brekky Club every term. We are feeding brekky to around 90 students per session.

On Wednesdays, our Senior Youth worker Sharon attends Brekky Club to chat with any young person who may need extra assistance.

If you would like to help support us to keep running this critical program you can do that here:

Donations are greatly appreciated.


Thank you to everyone and a big thank you to our dedicated volunteers who help each week.  The interaction between the volunteers and young people is very positive and helps break down intergenerational barriers.

Why not help with Brekky Club…

Volunteer here
If you have registered interest you can Message us on Facebook or Ring and leave a Message for Leanne on 4363 1044